Canadian Lottery Pools(Pilot project)
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  • You choose how much you want to play.
  • You choose when you want to paly.
  • There are no membership fees or minimum amounts to play.


Our pools wager in Canadian lotteries.

Our pool manager will decide the playing strategy. This will depend on the amount of funds in the pool and the size of the Jackpots. The pool manager will choose the numbers to play. Past winning draws may be statistically analyzed using various software. Wheeling systems will be used at the discretion of the pool manager. It is expected that the use of wheeling systems will constitute the majority of ticket purchases.

The scanned copies of the tickets purchased will be posted on the web site before the draw takes place. 



Winnings will be shared according to the amount wagered in the pool for that draw. Winnings can be wagered in future games.



It is hoped that as the number of players increases, we will be able to offer a selection of different pools each with its own risk preferences and criteria.

Our aim is to bring more fun and excitement to your lottery entry but we cannot guarantee that you will be a winner.